Six Functional Prints

Six Functional Prints

  For Today's post I decided to showcase Six of the most useful prints I have printed so far. These are in no particular order.

#1: Silverware drawer insert

Silverware drawer insert I designed

 Theres not too much to say about this item, as It's just a silverware holder. I designed the model in FreeCad. I had to cut the model in half in order for it to fit on the print bed. The two halves were printed seperately and then taped together on the back.

#2: USB and SD card holder

Usb and SD holder

  This model was actually printed to be fitted on top of my ender 3, but the clamp did not fit so I broke it off and placed it on my desk. It works like a charm and I lose USB sticks way less frequently now.

#3: Power Switch Brackets

Power switch installed using brackets

  This project was so involved I actually made an entire Blog Post about it. I use this power switch every single day so it has been an extremely functional print.

#4: Headset Holder

Headset Holder, printed on my old Anet A8

  My headset used to be one of the most frustrating peripherals I own. I would contantly be snagging the wire and pulling it off of my desk, or it would get caught in my chair and fall. I now have the headset holder mounted on the far corner of my desk so my headphones never get in my way.

#5: Key Hook

Key hook on the wall

  A key hook is really one of those items that you don't realize you need until you have one. I never lose my keys when I get home because they go straight on the hook.

#6: Rotating Phone Stand

Rotating phone stand used for my timelapses

  This wouldn't be practical if I didnt use my old galaxy s4 for my streaming camera. This stand rotates a full 360° to get the perfect angles I need for my timelapses.
I have since printed 3 of these because they are so easy to make.

That concludes my list of Six Functional Prints for today. I will probably make an updated post once I have found the need to print other household items.

Thanks for reading!

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