Mounting My Power Switch

End result

Mounted power switch

 I recently purchased a retro power switch from a local animal thrift store and I want to mount it to the underside of my desk.

I think I can use the existing srew holes to attach my brackets.

 I was not really sure where to start this project and it seemed really daunting at the beginning. I decided the first step would be to make a rough design in Freecad.

Designing the bracket

Version 1 in Freecad and Cura

 After I sliced the model in Cura, It said it would weigh 88g and take 5 hours to print!
 I knew I had to remove some material.

Version 2 in Freecad and Cura

 After I printed this piece I realized that the screw hole was WAY too big.
 I decided to re-design and take some more material away.

Version 3 in Freecad and Cura

 I went ahead and added an indention to the screw holes for the head of the screws.

Version 4 in Freecad and Cura

 After printing this part I realized the placement of the screw hole was a few mm too close to the wall of the bracket.
 I measured the distance again and re-built the bracket to come up with the final design.

Version 5 in Freecad and Cura

 The final design weighs 9g and takes about 50 minutes to print.
 I printed the part on its side so the weight of the power switch would push perpendicular to the grain of the print.


All the parts and screws needed. I got the smaller screws from Amazon

 First, I pre drilled the screw holes on the underside of my desk.
 I then mounted all of the brackets using the shorter fastener screws.

All the mounts mounted and ready!

 Then, I slid the switch box in and bolted it to the brackets using the existing bolts.

Luckily, I got all of the measurements right my first try!
Here it is in action. Pretty Neat!