The Impossible Table

The Impossible Table

Impossible Table

 Here recently on the internet there has been in circulation some videos and gifs of an item dubbed The Impossible Table. I decided to make my own and learn some more about how it works.


Tensegrity gif from Wikipedia

 Basically, Tensegrity, or tensional integrity, is achieved when the internal components of a structure are in a state of equal and continuous tension.

 There are real-life structures that use the concept of Tensegrity including:

Printing The Impossible Table

 I found the 'original' model for the impossible table in, but decided to actually print a remix that was cleaned up a little bit. You can download and print it for yourself Here.

The model printed flawlessly at 15% infill and .20mm layer height.

 Once I had the printed pieces I went ahead and attached them using fishing line, because that way it appears the table is floating mid-air!


A short clip showcasing the process

 I had a lot of fun with this project, and I learned a little about tension. When I put it together with fishing wire I had some difficulty getting all the lines the same length and it was quite frustrating. It required multiple attempts.
You could say it was a tense process.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

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