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3D Catan

3D Printing meets the Classic Board Game!

3D Printed Catan Board

 There is a lot to be said about how great the board game Settler's of Catan is, and its reputation is critically acclaimed as a classic. In Today's post we are going to re create the classic game using modern technology, and hopefully learn some things along the way.

Settler's of Catan

Settler's of Catan

 I won't go into too much detail about the game's rules but I will lay out a brief description for those who have never played.

 Catan is a game about Resources. As the dice are rolled each turn, players with Settlements built on tiles with the corresponding dice number gather those tiles' resources. Players are encouraged to trade with each other. Players can then spend their resources to build a variety of objects in order to gather 10 Victory Points. The first player to 10 Victory Points wins the game.

Upgrading the Classic Pieces

Link to the Models

Original vs 3D Printed

  Printing all of these pieces took about a week. There are 37 hexagons. I printed each piece as a solid color that corresponds with the type of resource that tile produces. I then painted some accent colors to brighten it up a bit.

Board and Pieces Breakdown

Frame and Board Pieces

  Each tile of the board is made up of three main pieces:

  • Frame
  • Resource Tile
  • Number Token


 The modular design of the board's frame follows the puzzle style of the original Settlers of Catan board. This design allows for easy contruction and breakdown of the game board.

 The easy snap-together design of the frame allows for the game to be expanded or reshaped to the players liking.

Resource Tile

 The five resource tiles each have their own color. The tiles fit snugly into the frame pieces, and can easily be drawn out of a bag randomly.

 Again, the frame design allows for custom resources, or any other kind of tile your custom scenario requires.

Number Tokens

 There isn't anything special about these number tokens, but they are required to play Catan.


Link to the Models

3D Printed Catan Board

 This was a large project. Definitely the most plastic I have used for one project. It was really daunting at first but I was very satisfied when all the pieces started coming together.

I have another Catan project that I am working on, and will be posting about really soon!

Anyways, thanks for reading!

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